There are different types of news that interest the public, but probably the most liked and patronized are the ones about current affairs. Current events involve news that are real and not make believe like movies or TV serials. It actually happens in some corner of the world. Some news is on topics and events that are needed to be addressed by the government. An example of this is a war between countries. Any battle catches the imagination of the viewers or even the netizens especially if it is about the progress or decisions of a government. This type of news is alarming to lots of people since some are fearful of what will happen if the battle in different parts of the world is still going on.

People care about news especially when it will have an impact on them. Current events always have this kind of effect on people. This kind of news is given attention by different reporters as well. News agencies write news stories for viewers to read and pay attention to especially because it is on the top of the list.

Sometimes though people also like reading about light stories. These stories are not the hard-hitting ones and are helpful to make readers feel a little happy in life. Examples of these stories include a person who makes his or her country proud. Often people like reading these types of news just to make their day a little lighter than usual.