Scrolling through a website that does not follow the trend or does not really seem appealing is too boring. Sometimes it is even too difficult to look for the article that you would like to read just because the site is too full of irrelevant articles for you.

This is what Benjamin Cook would like to avoid. It would like its users to not just be mere users but contributors at the same time.

People-centered. This is how Benjamin Cook would like to be known for. The interests of the people who visit, patronize and read the article on the site are the priorities of Benjamin Cook.

It envisions a network where contributors, readers and uses are all sharing enough inputs to guarantee the quality of articles produced in the website.

The top article is decided based on the performances of the users; but what makes this social news website different from the others is that there is a way for users to classify the kind of news/article that they might be interested in. also Benjamin Cook makes the interface easy to understand.

In the same manner, writers or contributors are allowed to choose whatever kind of writing that they would like to pursue and upload.

Benjamin Cook is aiming for an online community that does not only share but is a venue for other people who are also sharing.  Through this, Benjamin Cook is able to gather articles that are very much interesting for different kinds of people around the world.